ANTWERP, BELGIUM 25-07-06 – The Belgian foreign ministry has informed Dilip Mehta, the CEO of the Rosy Blue Group, that he has been awarded the title of Baron in the annual royal honors list. The title is one of the highest civilian honors granted by the Belgian monarch.
The announcement was made ahead of Belgiums national day on July 21.
Responding the announcement, Mehta said: “I am humbled and feel that the honour goes to my family, company, the entire Indian community and all my colleagues in the diamond sector. Without their support this would not have been possible. Belgium, and Antwerp in particular, has granted me many opportunities and this is why I have always been happy to live and work here in this multi-cultural and harmonious city from the moment I arrived in 1973. I am extremely proud to have received this award and would like in particular to thank both the Belgian Royal family and Government for honoring me in this way.”
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